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cheesesAroha Organic Goat Cheese is Certified Organic, GE free and the very first Cheese Co in NZ certified by MPI to produce raw milk cheese. We offer customers a choice of pasteurised or raw milk cheeses, all are hand crafted here on the farm from our own goat milk.

goatsThe 50 acre farm is situated in Waihou on the foot of Mt. Te Aroha. We are certified with BIO GRO (no. 4181) and also conform to all MAF, MPI (no.9682) and NZ Specialist Cheesemakers Assoc. Inc. regulatory requirements for safe food production. Certified organic means that all farming and cheese making practices are performed as per BIO GRO standards. This is an independent certification organization which audits our records and certifies that our products meet the stringent organic requirements.

This is to assure you, the consumer, that our delicious cheese has been made using organic farming practices only and is free of any dangerous additives that could be harmful to your health. Our animals graze on herbicide and pesticide free pastures and only homeopathic and herbal remedies are used if necessary. No hormones are ever used to increase milk supply or for breeding purposes.

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